11 January 2007

British Centre for Science in Education


The BCSE was set up last year as a single-issue lobby group to counter the efforts by creationists to get the pseudosciences "creationism" and "intelligent design" included in the school science curricula in the UK. According to the BCSE (and I agree with them), the erosion of science is a major threat to the competitiveness of UK science and industry. It's also a threat to the health and wellbeing of the population at large, if doctors do not have the scientific knowledge to enable them to combat evolutionary diseases like pandemic flu, MRSA , diabetes or cancer. Presumably the consequence of Intelligent Design is to just accept that the Designer (whoever it is, but we all know really, don't we) *intends* for there to be a flu pandemic, and our efforts to counter that must be blasphemy of the highest degree.

You see, Science is not just an esoteric pastime for a bunch of weirdo boffins whose only desire is to disprove gods. Most scientists have better things to do with their time. Like fight climate change, develop new understanding of disease, develop renewable energy sources, document the biodiversity on our planet, inspire the young, promote *understanding*.

In some ways, "Intelligent Design" is interesting, because many living things do have characteristics that appear to be designed - and that includes their molecular biology. However, the designer is known, and has been for 150 years - it is our good friend Evolution. No intelligence required. Now *that* is smart.

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