01 July 2007

Another jump to glory

Jonathan Edwards is a first class chap. Olympic gold medal winner & world record holder, faithful Christian, trained scientist. Now, he has decided that Christianity is untrue, and has declared himself to be an atheist. This is great news, and enormously encouraging for other post-Christian atheists. I'm only speaking for myself when I say that what won me over was not other people arguing with me, or a desire to sin, or my selfish nature. It was humbly approaching the Bible - expecting to find the word of God, but finding the word of Man instead. The Bible can only be the product of humans, just like the rest of us. Jesus was a human, just like the rest of us. He fell foul of the authorities of his day, and ended up dying on a cross. His body went missing, and a few of his followers started the resurrection myth that kicked off a process that is still ongoing.
Some of us have grown beyond believing that to be real. It's great to be able to add Jonathan to the list. I'm not sure where his views have crystallised, or what was the precise catalyst, but, Jonathan, if you need any help, advice or whatever, you are not alone. You are joining a happy, helpful and distinguished(!) band.
The interview is at Times on-line.

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