01 June 2009

You can never start 'em too young

Small child tackles a vintage Massey-Ferguson at the Mullahead Ploughing Match. Pretty soon he'll be openin' 'er up and slappin' th'oul buckrake til 'er an' lettin' 'er rip!


  1. Is that your wee bairn Helio? (I'm assuming that I've identified you correctly - otherwise this post is going to seem a little bizarre).
    I'd been meaning to ask you a few questions about Evolution on W&T - you've proved very helpful before. But the fundies take all the fun out of the discussion.

    They mean well, but I tend to cringe a little.

    Actually I cringe a lot.

    If you ever raise the topic on your blog, let me know.
    (My googlemail is grahammartinveale@googlemail.com ).

    An intelligent conversation is always appeciated (as opposed to discussing Pastor McConnell's Moses-like qualities).
    Or we can continue the debate about the nature of the Pringle. That never got the media attention that it deserved!

    Graham Veale

  2. Yes Graham, you have got the right website!


  3. Well done chaps - what took you so long :-) Welcome to my little de-cloaked bloguette!

  4. Well, I don't know if you boys are keeping up to date on my blog (i.e. if you've got some sort of follow-up notifier thingy going on, but please come back and see what Shaney is doing in November!

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