18 August 2009

Beside the seaside

Lovely little training ride tonight along Belfast Lough, from Greenisland, through Whiteabbey to Hazelbank, and along the lough to the Dargan Landfill site, which is even now being converted into Belfast's new leisure thingy, the "Giant's Park". I really have no idea why there is a Giant associated with it - perhaps they are working on a link with the legendary (or, rather, mythical) Finn Mac Cool.

The prospect of a dump being turned into a park for the frolics and entertainment of the good people of North Belfast and beyond doesn't sound much, but it's actually a pretty good site - large, open - lots of potential. And it's a nice quick cycle from home. So 20km took about an hour overall, pretty much on the flat, and not at all pushing it, and the legs are sticking up to the whole thing fairly well, despite it being very early days for the training.

The Nazareth ride is already starting to look a little less daunting (remember to sponsor me!), although there'll be a lot of uphill sections, which will test the mettle.

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