24 August 2009


Oooh, my legs hurt. Remember, I'm new to this biking thing, and I have not got my legs in shape. AND it's only just over 2 months before I'll be cycling for real - 250 miles of Jordanian & Israeli roads to contend with, to raise money for the Nazareth Hospital (SPONSOR ME PLEEEZE!).

So, off I trot up the road to Islandmagee, a much neglected, yet exceptionally picturesque little peninsula, between Carrickfergus and Larne (the tip of it is just across from Larne, and it is part of Larne borough). One lovely little spot is the beach at Portmuck, down a VERY steep incline.

25% indeed. Coming back up, I confess I hopped off the bike and pushed it on foot for a hundred yards or so. Then off to Brown's Bay, round to Ballylumford (big power station), Mill Bay, Whitehead and home. 37 miles in 4 hours (3h25 on the move). Here's the elevation plot:

Portmuck is the bit at about 27km, at the bottom of that rather sharp V.

My legs haven't forgiven me yet - I haven't told them about what's waiting for them in November.


  1. Is that graph your ECG reading after coming up Portmuck hill.

  2. No - that was nearly a flat line :-)

    I confess I jumpled off the bike and walked it for a couple of yards...