We're doing it again! This time we are biking from Petra in Jordan up to Nazareth in Israel, to raise money for the Nazareth Hospital CT Scanner appeal. Last year we raised over £50,000 for the Children's Unit! Nazareth is the largest Arab town in Israel; the people are lovely, and the kids are awesome. Nazareth also treats kids in the West Bank of Palestine who have very limited access to healthcare. They need your help! Go to my sponsorship page to find out more and see what you can do! Maybe even join us..?

11 August 2009

That's my wee brother, that is!

The Rich Kid, Cash, from Tango & Cash, the fastest biking duo in Ireland - now the fastest biking *trio* in Ireland, following the very sensible addition of Warrior Princess. Check out the reports of their triumph in the Belfast Rat Race - a close-run thing, but it's not the taking part that matters - it is the WINNING.

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  1. Jimmy, you are some tool! Keep training. Proud of you for shaking that life of mindless sloth.