07 September 2009

Heliopolitan's Nazareth Bike Ride

I have made a couple of comments on a few blogs over the past wee while, under the moniker Heliopolitan trying to stir up a bit of engagement in difficult issues, and trying to get folks (including me of course) to think outside their normal paradigms. In return, I hope that anyone who has been mortally offended by my little offerings will feel sufficiently disposed to sponsor my cycle challenge. Go on - it'll do you good!

In particular, a big Hi! to anyone visiting from:


  1. Hello Helio,

    I’m one of a rare breed, I suffer from a rare genetic disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease type 5 - McArdle’s Disease - it took doctors around 15 years to diagnose my condition, I was eventually diagnosed by a Dr Henry and a Dr Archibald at BCH and then I was under the care of a brilliant neurologist until his retirement, Dr Victor Patterson at the muscle clinic in BCH.

    I love cycling with a passion though at times it can be very testing on my muscles. I wish you all the best in your cycling challenge.

    I attempt to journal my experience’s of McArdle’s disease through a blog, the blog is only for McArdle’s disease, nothing else or nothing more just McArdle‘s disease.

    I have worked in the NHS now for 32 years as a foot soldier.


  2. Christian Hippy, thanks for dropping by. I share your admiration for Laurence Kirkpatrick. Fine chap! Keep up the good work at the front line of health care.

  3. Hi!
    Thought I'd stop by and read your blog, after your comment on DNUK. It's very interesting, good luck with the ride!