31 October 2009

Blimey, that was quick!

Off to Jordan in the morning. I hope the training has been sufficient! Looking back, I meant to blog a lot more about the Nazareth experience, but maybe I'll save that for the autobiography... ;-)

Look, if you HAVEN'T sponsored me already, think of the good that will come of you visiting http://justgiving.com/shanemckee and leaving some cash - it will help in the training of nurses from the poorer regions of the Galilee, helping to build community cohesion, self-worth, inter-community dialogue, and REAL progress in the Middle East.

Worth it? You betcha.

See you in a week...

25 October 2009

Portmucked... AGAIN!

You'd have thought that I would have learned from last time, but no, I decided to give the circuit of Islandmagee another go. Actually, it's a beautiful part of the world, and in many way's a cyclist's dream, but when the rain is lashing down and it's blowing a force 6, you come away with different thoughts...

Well, 40 miles later, the old legs have held out very well, I think this is my last significant ride before the Jordan Valley Challenge (sponsor me please if you haven't already!), so the countdown really is underway...

16 October 2009

Palmaris software: WardFive, Client_L

Back in my youth, I used to program Psion handheld computers. I still think the form factor of the Psion 5mx would be PERFECT for a Linux-based netbook, but since there are a few Psion users still out there using WardFive / Client_L, here is a generic registration code so that you can enjoy the full features of the software for FREE:

Generic registration key for Client_L:
User name: Psion User
Code: 8v1hr1459j

Client_L / WardFive is a patient manager for busy hospital doctors (or a client manager for anyone else), employing a unique intuitive spatial layout that helps YOU remember your patients in your HEAD - suddenly you can use that redundant piece of wetware on your shoulders. I'll maybe post more about it some other time, but if you have a Psion 5mx, please feel free to download it, play with it, and watch it insidiously change and enhance your life...

I'm not able to support this software any more, but I'm happy to share the source code (EPOC, I'm afraid).

04 October 2009

Tour of the Ballies

Lovely morning this morning. I keep telling folks, if you're going to come to Northern Ireland, come in September. Well, it's October, and the day took a wee while to warm up, but boy did we have a great day today! About 18C, sunshine, a bit breezy, but most of the leaves still on the trees, and hedges full of blackberries. Oh yeah!
So, a quick jaunt up to Woodburn (that sounds like nothing, but we are talking some serious hills here) - where IS everybody?! Usually the car park is full of bikers on a nice Sunday morning, ready to tackle the forest park, but not today. What's up? Swine flu? Ebola virus? Purple heebie-jeebies?
So stuff that - I headed up the hill to Straid, then off to Ballynure, Ballyclare, Ballylinney, Ballyearl, and then home. Sweet. How many Ballies is that? I could have piled in another couple - next time I'll get Ballyeaston, Ballyrobert and Ballypalady crammed in. In Jordan & Israel, I'll see how many Beits I can do.
Once I got home, I could have gone out and done it all again.
So, Jordan Valley, bring it on, baby!
[Anyone not yet sponsored me? Well, go and visit my sponsorship page!]

03 October 2009

Amazing, the places you find...

Came across this old ruined school on one of my recent training runs, just before my camera completely packed in. It's up near Beltoy, on the road from Carrick to Glenoe. I wonder who went there; what they went on to do? Now it's just sheep. Don't want to be one of those.

See, you just don't find these places when you're in the car.

[Oh pants - it's rotated! I'll fix that later...]

So who's going to cycle with me?

Here's one - Carol White has a training blog, and it's a cracker! I'm hoping Carol doesn't mind me posting a pic of her - now, *if* anyone is reading my blog, I would like you to go over and read Carol's blog too.

We've a lot of ground to cover when we're in Jordan and Israel, so I'm looking forward to meeting the other riders, and if I come across any links to any of the others, I'll post 'em here.

Now, folks, don't forget the sponsorship page! http://justgiving.com/shanemckee

[PS. Carol's bike looks a lot better than my old boneshaker! Maybe once I get back I'll see if Santa will let me upgrade...]

02 October 2009

Any last requests?

I'm not sure what music I want played at my funeral, but it might be something by the King of Pop.

After Jacko's untimely demise, I bought the Mrs his Greatest Hits album, which we now hate because the kids demand that it be played non-stop.

The other day, my five year-old asked me to play the CD.

"Oh all right, Son," quoth I, "If you insist. What song do you want?"

"You guess it, Daddy."

"Give me a clue."

"OK, Daddy, it begins with F."

"What do you mean it begins with F? There ARE no Michael Jackson songs on this album that begin with F!"

"Yes there is one! It begins with F!"

"Fine, I give up. Which one is it?"


01 October 2009

Yellow T-shirts - I haz them!

Great! The yellow T-shirts for this Nazareth bike ride have arrived, together with a list of the 18 riders who will make up the contingent for the 400km ride from Amman in Jordan up to Nazareth. So watch out folks - I'll be making contact! Time is running short (head off 1 Nov).

Anyone who is tickled by the idea of a Humanist cycling from a Muslim country to a Jewish country in aid of a Christian hospital - please sponsor me :-) Thanks for the support, and spread the news - otherwise there'll be more pictures of me in Lycra, and I don't think anyone wants that now, do they?