16 October 2009

Palmaris software: WardFive, Client_L

Back in my youth, I used to program Psion handheld computers. I still think the form factor of the Psion 5mx would be PERFECT for a Linux-based netbook, but since there are a few Psion users still out there using WardFive / Client_L, here is a generic registration code so that you can enjoy the full features of the software for FREE:

Generic registration key for Client_L:
User name: Psion User
Code: 8v1hr1459j

Client_L / WardFive is a patient manager for busy hospital doctors (or a client manager for anyone else), employing a unique intuitive spatial layout that helps YOU remember your patients in your HEAD - suddenly you can use that redundant piece of wetware on your shoulders. I'll maybe post more about it some other time, but if you have a Psion 5mx, please feel free to download it, play with it, and watch it insidiously change and enhance your life...

I'm not able to support this software any more, but I'm happy to share the source code (EPOC, I'm afraid).

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