04 October 2009

Tour of the Ballies

Lovely morning this morning. I keep telling folks, if you're going to come to Northern Ireland, come in September. Well, it's October, and the day took a wee while to warm up, but boy did we have a great day today! About 18C, sunshine, a bit breezy, but most of the leaves still on the trees, and hedges full of blackberries. Oh yeah!
So, a quick jaunt up to Woodburn (that sounds like nothing, but we are talking some serious hills here) - where IS everybody?! Usually the car park is full of bikers on a nice Sunday morning, ready to tackle the forest park, but not today. What's up? Swine flu? Ebola virus? Purple heebie-jeebies?
So stuff that - I headed up the hill to Straid, then off to Ballynure, Ballyclare, Ballylinney, Ballyearl, and then home. Sweet. How many Ballies is that? I could have piled in another couple - next time I'll get Ballyeaston, Ballyrobert and Ballypalady crammed in. In Jordan & Israel, I'll see how many Beits I can do.
Once I got home, I could have gone out and done it all again.
So, Jordan Valley, bring it on, baby!
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  1. Surprise - somebody does read your blog! Yes it's me, and I've just started writing my seasonal letter. Now you can see how long it takes me. Hopefully no more than a week.

  2. nice work, jimmy. this is nearly as terrible as ours!!