We're doing it again! This time we are biking from Petra in Jordan up to Nazareth in Israel, to raise money for the Nazareth Hospital CT Scanner appeal. Last year we raised over £50,000 for the Children's Unit! Nazareth is the largest Arab town in Israel; the people are lovely, and the kids are awesome. Nazareth also treats kids in the West Bank of Palestine who have very limited access to healthcare. They need your help! Go to my sponsorship page to find out more and see what you can do! Maybe even join us..?

02 November 2009

Hi from Jordan!

Isn't a free wifi hotspot a brilliant thing? Here I am, by the shores of the Dead Sea, and I can post on my blog! Yippee!

Well, we Nazareth cyclists put in a good, if brief, day's cycling from Madaba to the Dead Sea. There are 18 of us, ranging in age from 16 to 71. Wide range, and I hope we all make it. The Jordanian people are of course lovely, and we're being very well looked after.

Took a dip in the Dead Sea - very choppy today, utterly filthy, of course, in a (hopefully) sterile kind of way. The scenery on the way down was amazing, but very poor visibility due to high winds and dust in the air.

Tomorrow is another matter - a long day ahead to Jerash. Thanks for the sponsorship - http://justgiving.com/shanemckee

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  1. Well done Jimmy! Keep up the good work. As you are cycling, so I am walking! Now up to 8 miles a day.