08 November 2009

OK, Tango and Cash...

See if you can top THAT! The GPS is a bit inaccurate on this; it cut out before we reached our destination, and we lost a bit at the start. Total distance ~110km. See that climb between ~66 and 92km on the graph? That's 1325m, from the floor of the Jordan Valley to the pass leading to Jerash.

Now, Tango and Cash think that they're tough chappies - anything like that on the Trans-Alp, lads? ;-)

Needless to say, we were pleased to see our hotel in the end...


  1. Well done, Jimmy. Tough stuff indeed - it must have been hell for those guys draggin your skinny ass up that hill!!

  2. All under Jimbo-power. Looked out the back window at Knockagh this morning, and laughed in gentle derision; a couple of months ago I thought the Woodburn Road was a challenging enough wee cycle. But that was then; this is now...