23 April 2010

Should Christians eMbrace evkolution?

Aargh! I can't do this on the iPhone. It can wAit until I get a keyboard that can cope with fat fingers...


  1. Shane:

    Looking forward to this.

    The book has been suggested as required reading for all Christians by the secretary of the Biblical creation Society.

  2. Thanks Peter - I don't think the "Biblical Creation Society" is likely to possess anyone with an intelligent enough viewpoint to suggest otherwise!

    The website for this book is (amazingly): http://shouldchristiansembraceevolution.com - it immediately strikes me that for a book that has a question in its title, they seem to have made no effort whatsoever to survey current opinion or to examine the arguments from a more mainstream viewpoint.

    I hesitate to pan it as vanity press dreck at this early stage; I shall have to reserve judgement until I see it in its resplendent glory. However, the website alone contains numerous instances of bearing false witness, so clearly these people have never heard of the actual commandments they are supposed to uphold.

    Don't expect the kid gloves...

  3. Ah - great to be back at a proper keyboard! Peter - tell your pals - I need the traffic ;-)