29 July 2010

Tim Minchin was wrong!

Yep, just when you thought that someone had come up with the perfect peace anthem for the Israel/Palestine issue...

...someone goes and spoils it all.

Back to the drawing board, folks - we need to come up with another solution to this vexing issue.


  1. I guess trying to found agreement over arbitrary religious rules is pretty much doomed to failure anyway, but it's a valiant (and catchy!) effort.

    At any rate, I think people grossly overestimate how much of the Israeli-Palestinian (or Israeli-Arab) conflict is about religion. Religion helps fuel the discord, but it's not a Jewish-Muslim conflict. Rather, it's a conflict between extremists on both sides who think their side can "win", and the moderates on both sides who just want to live peacefully. Unfortunately it's always easier to grab headlines when you're an extremist :-/

  2. Hi P, yep, it's like us in Northern Ireland in that sense; not about religion per se, but about in-group and out-group relationships. I love Israel, but sometimes it's like having a reLly good friend who keeps getting drunk and whacking someone in a bar: you want to help your friend and modify their behaviour, even for their own protection, but they then turn on you, and accuse you of not really being their friend at all. It's a bit tiresome, but I live in hope!