28 August 2010

BBC dumb and dumber and dumberer...

BBC health correspondents catch a
few rays while dreaming up headlines
What in tarnation is the Beeb trying to do these days? Hot on the heels of some really silly comments in an article on evolutionary biology comes the startling news that "Food pipe cancer doubles in men".

Food pipe cancer.

FOOD PIPE cancer??

It's OESOPHAGEAL cancer, people! Even "cancer of the gullet" would be preferable. But "food pipe"? Please for damn sake halt this descent into verbal infantility. Oesophageal cancer is a very very serious disease; at the very least, the population of the UK needs to know what the oesophagus is, and the factors that cause this cancer.

I suppose in other news we will have oral cancer replaced by "cake hole cancer"? Lung cancer by "cancer of the oxygen exchange organs"? Stomach cancer is bad enough - most people regard any cancer between the "food pipe" and the "poo pipe" as "stomach cancer" - this needs to change.

Come on, BBC, sort it out! You're supposed to be leading the field, not grazing in it.


  1. And as if by magic, someone at the beeb seems to have been similarly appalled by the title, and has fixed it. See? I'm not alone...

  2. The Veale household considers this post to be a work of pure genius!!

    Brightened up our Saturday!

  3. Hi Graham, I hope the Veale household will also be thinking pure and free thoughts as I cycle round the wee puddle tomorrow! :-)

  4. The Veale household has just bought guinea pigs, so we're negotiating our way around a few puddles of our own.

  5. They're very popular in Peru - lots of interesting Guinea Pig dishes. Nice roasted, with sweetcorn. :-)

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