Last year my pals and I cycled in The Galilee, Northern Israel, to raise money for Nazareth Hospital Paediatric Department. We raised over £50,000 but we could use more! Nazareth is the largest Arab town in Israel; the people are lovely, and the kids are awesome. Nazareth also treats kids in the West Bank of Palestine who have very limited access to healthcare. They need your help! Go to my sponsorship page to find out more and see what you can do! Maybe even join us in 2017..?

02 August 2010

If the hectic pace of life is getting you down...

Taken during our crossing of the Sea of Galilee (by boat, not by foot, silly!) back in November. Previously posted, but I thought it deserved a reprise.


  1. I've got some other good shots of the Jordan-Israel trip - the secret is to take lots; that way at least some of them should be presentable!