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07 August 2010

Scooby Dooby Doo, WTF??

Back in the olden days, Scoob and the gang chased ghosts and monsters, and every time, it turned out that there was a perfectly rational explanation. Old Man Jacobs wanted all the gold for himself, so he came up with the Cookiestown Ghost to scare off the neighbours.

That sort of thing.

But lately some of the new movies and shows have had plots that have left significant loose ends, almost as if the ghosts are left "real".

The REAL Velma Dinkley would be appaled.

Sort it out, people - Scooby Doo used to be a flagship for rational thinking and an evidence-based approach. These supernaturalist loose ends are polluting the vibe. It cannot be allowed to continue!


  1. Ah, but notice the subtle differences.

    There are real Goblin Kings, Witches and Zombies in the new cartoon films.

    However the "CGI" Scooby has fought aliens and dismantled a machine that turned 'fake' spook costumes into apparently paranormal phenomena. More science-fiction than supernatural.

    Two mysteries emerge from the live action films. Just what sort of lobotomy was performed on the director? And will Rowan Atkinson perform in *anything* to pick up a cheque?

  2. Exactly. This is Deep Heresy.