07 August 2010

Too good not to share

Thanks to Eggy for this one. I'll need to break out my Nukulele and join in. The Uke is a tragically-neglected little instrument, and in terms of fun and accessibility, rocks in a big way. I'm currently working on a version of Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" ("a loaded four-string on my back") and have a passable rendering of World Party's "Put the Message in the Box". But I don't think I'll ever ascend these lofty heights...


  1. Allegedly, the Beatles where influenced by George Formby's ukulele playing.

    You actually can imagine George singing "Will you still need me, when I'm 64".

    "All you need is love" works...speed up "Yesterday" a bit and you've a Formby song. "It's been a Hard Days Night" works too.

    However "Happiness is a warm gun" doesn't really fit...

  2. Shungy, you are most welcome! How's the practise coming?