19 September 2010

Chow down on some sin, baby!

Things have come to a pretty pass when religious practice is regarded as sensible, but generally this only applies when it is contrasted with something even more bizarre. So Presbyterians cod themselves that because they're not as wacky as Mormons (for instance), they must be pretty much OK. It's the Billy Goat Gruff approach to religion, which I think I'm going to have to blog about over at the Church of Jesus Christ Atheist at some point.

Anyway, back in 1906, over a century ago, the last Sin Eater was buried. No, not Sinnita, but a SIN EATER. Richard Munslow was paid to eat bread and wine over the corpse of a deceased person, in the wacky belief that sins could be transferred to another, and thereby atonement made, and the soul of the deceased could enter heaven.

What a load of superstitious cobblers!

Entirely like the wacky belief that sins can be transferred to another, and thereby atonement made, as in the death of Jesus the Nazarene. So who is calling whom wacky? This is the thing about belief-based religions - the defect is in the thought processes, not the particular beliefs themselves. In that respect, the Billy Goat Gruffs are all pretty similar.

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