26 September 2010

Happy Sunday!

First of all, thanks everyone for the vote of confidence in the new design template. I think it's nice, although I can't seem to alter the appearance of the comments log, so apologies if that is a bit less readable than I would like.

Secondly, happy Sunday! A lot of people go to church on Sunday - if that's your thing, enjoy (I am writing to the Prime Minister with proposals to statutorily require all churches to display a notice saying "For Entertainment Purposes Only" like they do with psychics). If you're fed up with church, do something more constructive instead. Go out on your bike (it's a nice day, but starting to feel a bit chillier). Or take a drive up the coast (Northern Ireland, for my international visitors, has one of the most spectacular coastal drives in Europe - forget the South of France or Southern California - try North Antrim instead). Or wrap up warm and go for a walk in the Mourne Mountains. Or just chill and potter around in your garden and get ready to grow some bear-repelling courgettes next year.

Or if all that relaxation is too much for you, have three kids and spend every waking moment running around after them, getting yapped at and whinged at and shouted at and breaking up fights and fixing things they've broken etc etc.

And if you live on the Carrick side of Greenisland Station Road, remember that tomorrow is grey bin day.


  1. How do you get more than Zero followers? Just wondering...

  2. “For entertainment purposes only.” Emmm.

    I suppose that’s the sort of thing which might be expected to raise howls of protest from people like me, but really, if I were you I’d save the price of the stamp and buy a Milky Way for my kids instead!

    You see, as usual, we in the church with all of our glorious, manic, confused headless chickenry have beat you too it. Honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no insult too acerbic, no satire too exaggerated, no mockery so jeering as to top the real thing; someone somewhere fits the caricature to a tee. Even Dorothy’s scarecrow could see it.

    We have no need of your signs, Shane, we have our own. (Sometimes, ironically, nailed to a wayside tree.) Everywhere you see an ad for a series of special meetings, everywhere there’s a special event to get the punters in, everywhere there’s a debate about the evils or virtues of a multimedia projector, everywhere there’s a fun and funky soundbite or summer conference (People of Destiny or such like), everywhere there’s an internationally acclaimed celebrity preacher, everywhere there’s a pastor’s wife with hair like Marge Simpson, everywhere there’s fancy dress.... everywhere we fail to walk hand in hand with the poor, everywhere we fail to talk about grace, everywhere we fail weep with those who weep, and laugh with those who laugh, everywhere we fail to forgive, everywhere we fail to love, everywhere we fail to worship, we write our own signs.

    But if you do write that letter, don’t run with the psychic connection, just refer to the Trade Description Act.

  3. Peter, yes. The problem is that there is no *there* there. You seem to presume there is a nugget of Truth with a capital T, but I am suggesting that the whole thing, warts and all, is a fully human enterprise.

    Once you realise that, even you might join the Church of Jesus Christ Atheist! ;-)

  4. Back to the there in a mo... here's a thought: if you reduce the opacity of the background ever so slightly it just might make the grey recent comments easier to see. Scroll the comments log over the lighter and darker parts of the background to see what I mean.

  5. Hi William,
    Boy, you've been busy, haven't you? Good luck with blogging; have fun! You will accumulate followers if you are any good - I have five, so I must be pretty rubbish :-)

  6. I have none so...