18 September 2010

I'm Spartacus!

Oh noes - it's a fake pope! How will we tell the difference?


  1. I seen a photo of an anti-papal protester holding a placard that said - "drop the filioque!"

    When the Theology post-grads take to the streets like this, you know that anarchy cannot be far behind!

  2. In these straitened economic times, who *pays* for theology as an academic discipline (cough cough)? I sure hope it ain't the tax payer. Do you think if I proposed to Sammy Wilson that he should require an audit of all the Departments in relation to any funding that goes to religious groups or pseudologies? How much do we as taxpayers pay, say, for the upkeep of Union Theological College, that hotbed of creationism and cabbage?

    And what is a filioque anyway? ;-)