20 September 2010

Irrefutable proof of Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is the theory that certain features of biological organisms are so complex that they cannot be explained by mere evolution, and instead, therefore, were designed by an intelligent being, therefore God therefore Jesus. So far it has been ripped to shreds by scientists, and its fans, known affectionately as "cdesign proponentsists", have made a miserable and bedraggled bunch of intellectual washouts.

But no more!

Who can forget the hit Channel 4 show "Inside Nature's Giants", where the dissection of a giraffe showed the circuitous and ridiculously un-intelligent route taken by the giraffe's recurrent laryngeal nerve? Yet Mister Dawkins smartypants will be laughing on the other side of his face when he reads this, because the giraffe's neck is the ULTIMATE example of Intelligent Design and divine Fine Tuning.

It is very simple. If the giraffe's head was even ONE THOUSANDTH of a MILLIMETRE further away from its body, its neck would be TOO SHORT and its head would simply fall off!

Therefore it is clear that an intelligent designer must have perfectly FINE TUNED the length of the giraffe's neck to match the distance of the head from the body PRECISELY. If the neck is 2 metres long, and a thousandth of a millimetre is therefore half a MILLIONTH of the distance involved - the chance of EVOLUTION doing this by CHANCE is therefore less than one in TWO MILLION.

And when you consider that this is the case for EVERY giraffe, and indeed every creature on the planet with a neck, the chances are even smaller, which means that evolution cannot explain it!

Therefore God Therefore Jesus.

Thank you.


  1. Should go down well in Dumbfuckistan.

  2. Well. I feel thoroughly refuted.

    Actually, I'm not sure that definition of ID holds water(...but I'm not sure if it was meant to!)I think ID can actually be defined so broadly it can take in atheism.

    (Sternberg for example.And Dembski has written that Id may only function as an heuristic. An ID proponent need not believe in the literal truth of ID!)

    So the problem then becomes - does ID actually mean anything at all?

    Like the redesign by the way.

  3. Hi Graham, "Intelligent Design" can be re-defined in a number of ways, but what it means is creationism. My quick definition above is the core of ID as espoused by Dembski and the rest of the shower at the Discovery Institute, and absolutely forms the base of the argumentation they put forth in support of it. It is also completely *false*. I know you don't support ID, but if you *did*, you *should* feel thoroughly refuted :-)

    But what "definition" of ID do you think *can* hold water? And remember this is not esoteric philosophy - this has to be a scientifically testable one.

    Thanks for the thumbs up for the new layout - I haven't finished tikering, so this could change again...

  4. Have you ever noticed how everybody's legs are precisely long enough to just touch the ground...

  5. Mike, OMG you're right! It's *everywhere*!!