28 September 2010

Pure Indulgence?

Look, it's instant coffee. It's not too bad, but to merit "Pure Indulgence" it would need to be a MochaChocaLatte Nutmeg and Marshmallow Slurpskrieg with a flake and strawberry jam on top, served in a gold flagon in a bubbly bath by breathless nymphs.


  1. Shane, honestly! A simple espresso brewed under a half decent pressure with a thick crema is quite enough.

    Or you might, just might, want to top a double with steamed milk and a little (very little) foam... flat white, good too!

  2. Nikki (Mrs Veale, or 'Wilma') once bought a shampoo which gave "extra dimensions to a multi-dimensional shine"

    Nice to see that String Theory is being put to practical use1

  3. On pure indulgence.

    I'd settle for one nymph.

    She wouldn't even need to be breathless!

  4. **NEWSFLASH**

    Mrs Veale has now informed me that she has abandoned her quest for the fifth dimension.

    With her latest shampoo, her hair is now "illuminated and perfected"

    Which, she notes, is theological shampoo! Even better than scientific shampoo!

    Hah! What happens to the "God of the Gaps" argument, now eh? Let's see Dawkins produce a better shampoo than that!

  5. Graham, you should try it; you might experience a resurrection! :-)

  6. Re the single nymph, she would be breathless by the time you finished with her, fnar fnar!

  7. I'd comment...but I'd just sound like another Evangelical "who's cool about sex"

    Besides, my resident nymphette Wilma doesn't like it when I boast.

    You know, I don't think I've heard a "f'nar" since the 1980's?

    Nowadays, I think teens would think you're speaking Klingon.

    Which is another gripe of mine. Why would anyone learn Klingon? Then translate "Hamlet" into Klingon?

    And why do people learn Elvish, and sing Elvish songs at Tolkien's graveside?

    Why is the world so very, very odd?

  8. And they're making doctor's drink instant coffee!!!
    A line has been crossed!
    The cutbacks have gone to far!

    We must take this to the streets!

    Man the barricades for freedom!

    Phone "The Nolan Show!"

  9. Hi Graham, I actually have a filter coffee machine (Tassimo) in my office, and it's bloody brilliant. Pure indulgence, really.

    Yeah, I know you're a child of the 80s like me, so join the club. This is just bad boys' talk - I know Wilma is in no danger :-)

    As for Klingon Hamlet, I entirely agree - it is a *human* creation, but then so is religion, and you sing songs to Jebus at churchyland. At least over on the Church of Jesus Christ Atheist we're open and honest about it!

  10. "The Church of General Martok, Atheist"

    Doesn't have the same ring to it!