29 September 2010

Show me the mummy!

Face of Takabuti (from BBC)
I don't think I blogged on this before, but the BBC recently re-ran the documentary "Show me the Mummy", featuring Takabuti, one of the most famous women in Belfast. She is the Ulster Museum's fascinating Egyptian mummy, dating from the 25th Dynasty in the 8th century BCE. Generations of visitors to the museum have got to know her, and in the BBC documentary, a team of experts piece together her life and death, as well as the story of how she ended up in Belfast as one of the star exhibits in the newly-refurbished Ulster Museum. She is well worth a visit, and very well preserved. Her sarcophagus is fantastic, and there are several other nice Egyptian exhibits, although some of the labelling is a tad inaccurate. The museum itself is one of Belfast's top attractions, and the redevelopment is amazing.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, well worth a visit, although I still have to get since the redevelopment.

    As an aside, have you been to or heard of St Michan's, Dublin and the rather unusual attractions? Google, 'The Mummies of St. Michan's', all will become clear!

    If you do go, take the tram from Connolly to the Four Courts and the church is just a short walk away. Check the opening times though, from memory it's restricted at this time of year.