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15 September 2010

What hope for the pope?

...when he is surrounded by morons such as Cardinal Walter Kasper? Walter recently described arriving in the UK at Heathrow airport as like landing in a "Third World" country. In what has to rank as one of the most inept excuses in history, a Vatican spokesperson claimed this was because of the UK's multiculturalism. In other words, Walter wasn't referring to the bustling frenetic activity of the airport, he was simply being racist. Which makes it OK then.

He also seems to be perturbed that the UK is in the grip of a "new and aggressive atheism." Well, I've got news for you, Wally: YES IT IS.

Sure, there is still a lot of rampant simpleton superstition around - witness the fawning dignitaries queuing up to dribble platitudes over Walter's boss. Not as many as the ticketmeisters had hoped for, but a fair few of them all the same.

Yep, the UK is certainly becoming a more secular society, and the traditional deference displayed to the agents of various myth-pushing institutions is disappearing. Years ago, Walter could have come out with his crazy mush and no-one would have said anything, but this is a new era, and people are not afraid to tell him where to stick it. Or his boss. So three cheers for rampant secularism! It gives him the freedom to say what he wants, the imams to say what they want, and Richard Dawkins to say what he wants. If that causes Walter a problem, that's too bad. That's the way we do things nowadays in this third world backwater.

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