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24 November 2010

Egyptology apps for the Apple iPhone

Horus helps Hunefer with the niceties of the Afterlife.
So I love my iPhone, and it loves me. I wish to spice up our relationship a little, so what could be better than trying out an Egyptology app? Except it turns out that there aren't many. There is a hieroglyphic dictionary which I will try out and review in due course, but I have tried the "Book of the Dead" app from the British Museum. And it's actually rather nice - you get a scrollable papyrus (unfortunately not zoomable) of Hunefer's amazing Book of the Dead - the exhibition is currently on in the BM, and you can see how the Egyptians conceptualised the journey through the underworld to the Field of Reeds. It's a bit limited, and I think most people will get through it in 5 minutes, even with minimal Egyptological training.

Have any of you found good apps or software for Egyptological use? There are some Egypt-themed games out there which look pretty rubbish to be honest, but I'm thinking of stuff for actual Egypt-related work & education - raise up the next generation of scribes!

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