05 November 2010

Thor hammered!

Over at Aardvarchaeology (one of my favourite blogs - I'm lashing the praise around like smarties today, eh?), Martin has an excellent post on the legacy of Mr Con-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl. Now there is no doubt that Thor could navigate and sail some very rickety and interesting contraptions, but he had some very strange (and since completely debunked) ideas about what all this meant. The peopling of Polynesia from South America? Forget it. Pyramids in Egypt being connected to the Pyramids in the New World? Utter nonsense.

Anyway, you know I'm a sceptic already - go and give Martin some love, won't you?


  1. An odd thing has just happened... I had planned to make a witty comment and then thought, na, it's late in the evening and no one but me will be able to follow the tangle which is my brain; so, I deleted the text and clicked on the 'back' button. Then, presto, a message appears, a kind of writing on the wall, and this is what it said...

    "Are you sure you want to leave this page?

    You have unsaved changes."

    Was I sure? Well I was, but at the thought of the 'unsaved', I had second thoughts.

    Anyone else?

  2. Hi Peter, Hmmm - unsaved changes, yet ye must be reloaded again? :-)

  3. Wow, memory lane. Thanx-great article. I remember that dude when I was a kid and being amazed at his adventures. This post has inspired me to write that post on Buddhism and Hyper-diffusionism coming soon !