01 January 2011

Meanwhile over at the Church of Jesus Christ Atheist...

This little postoid on Anglican Atheism. Regular readers (both of you) will know that my staunch Presbyterian upbringing left a deep imprint on me, so even though I don't attend any church, and am perfectly happy that there is no evidence of a god, no evidence for a virgin birth of Jesus, and certainly no evidence of his resurrection (quite the reverse!), I still call myself a Christian.

Now I know that some folks get very upset at the fact that many people (including ~15% of regular churchgoers, if my hunch is correct) do not believe in god at all, but I think Christians need to man-up, and start building the Kingdom of God here and now - not a "religious" structure, but an altruistic and entirely humanistic structure where we feed the hungry, heal the sick, help the oppressed etc. After all, if we made God (and we surely did), then we get to choose what sort of punter he gets to be. Not a vengeful prissy sin-punisher, or a sitter-back in a divine bubble-bath, a listener to the sycophantic adulation of mythical angels and cherubim and saints, but someone who cares, and wants us to care too.

Yes, if he *really* existed, we would have cause to complain about earthquakes and tsunamis and floods and asteroid impacts, but God is not that sort of God. Our universe did not originate by divine fiat; it does not run on intelligently-designed rules. It does what it does, and if we want to make it as good a place as we possibly can, then we need to look horizontally - not construct a magic hologram in the sky.

Paradoxically, I think Jesus probably understood that. Pity the people who wrote the gospels didn't.

"Be excellent to one another." - Gospel of Bill & Ted.

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