18 February 2011

Renaissance in Egypt...

OK, just floating this as an idea - now that Egypt is taking steps towards a new society, is it time to re-open, re-consecrate, or simply *build* some new, fully-operational temples for the worship of Amun-Re, Hathor, etc? We could use the very best Egyptological knowledge to reconstruct our best-guesses as to Egyptian religious practice. Some people might find that it suits them - as long as they don't take the *belief* aspect too seriously...

Let's face it - religion is a tourist draw. The upper echelons of the theologians of every religion know perfectly well that they are dealing with a purely human cultural creation - the "gods" are human constructs, and their "presence" is a group phenomenon when you get a bunch of people together - an emergent thing.

Imagine the beauty of a revived Opet festival, the procession heading between Karnak and Luxor, with flags snapping and obelisks gleaming. Of course there would need to be some changes made to make things more accessible, but that could be done, and it would potentially be a fantastic vehicle for teaching Egyptology itself.

So perhaps a true test of the tolerance and respect agenda that should be emerging in the world should be a concentrated effort to re-establish Ancient Egyptian religious practice in the Land of the Nile, and in the spirit of the New Egypt, I invite comments.

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