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11 September 2011

Do quarks work like this?

I'm a geneticist, not a physicist. But some thoughts strike me from time to time. One is that nature is 4-dimensional (3 spatial dimensions plus time); another is that you never see one quark on its own - it is always accompanied by two other quarks or an anti-quark. Now, if the universe is a space-time lattice (like all good universes should be), perhaps these "particles" are better thought of as kinks in the lattice, as below.
See you in Stockholm, losers!!!


  1. Like the "I Think..." perhaps I am too evolution focused or was the point of that to be similar to Darwin's Notebook?

  2. Yes, that was the allusion I was going for. Sadly I don't know enough about quantum physics to know whether this little fun model has any power in predicting anything in the real world, but I think it's a fun way of looking at things, and also predicts that the more energy you put into the system by pulling the quarks further apart, the more the system distorts the surrounding lattice, therefore increasing the mass of the system. But really I need a proper real physicist johnnie to do something with this.