04 October 2011

Lab spam

I get shedloads of guff wanting me to buy pipettes and lab reagents
and the like, but this is the best:

"SterilEnz® fittings are the only pre-gasketed and hermitically sealed
sanitary fittings designed specifically for single-use systems."

So now I have this mental image of hordes of little cave-dwelling
recluses pre-gasketing and sealing sanitary fittings, and it gives me
a warm glow in my heart and a potential consumer confidence that money
can't buy. I have no idea what the feck they're selling - I just know
that I *want some*...

1 comment:

  1. Simple - just type in SterilEnz into Google and you'll quickly find they are made by Paw Bioscience. On their website you'll find pages of detail which I read through - ...and I still have no idea what the feck they're selling!