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16 December 2011

Christopher Hitchens, we'll miss you!

[Image from BBC Website - URL in meta]
I was saddened to hear on the BBC that Christopher Hitchens has died. He has rolled up the curtain, but not joined the Choir Invisible. Not for Hitch, that going gently into that good night. He went out, all guns blazing against the sanctimonious vultures of religion, those cackling gargoyles who cajoled and harangued him to renounce his "outspoken atheism" and embrace the clying comforts supposedly offered by a belief in Santa or the Afterlife or the Baby Jesus or fairies or some such. In such a prolific career there is probably much to disagree with, but we can be thankful to Hitchens that he has left the world a much wiser and better place, and he has encouraged many people to stand up against the affront that organised religion/superstition presents to basic human dignity. Well done, sir!

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