22 December 2011

It's not just about the Higgs

New results from the ATLAS experiment at the #LHC!

Gawd, these days I'm never sure whether to write in the first person
or adopt Slicer's technique (see previous episodes) of referring to my
good self in the third person. I think I'l try to keep things up-close
and personal, subject to the rider above, that I don't necessarily
believe everything I post, and I strongly suggest that my esteemed
readership similarly approach my scribblings with the circumspection
that they merit.

Anyway, the clever Johnnies at CERN (and these Johnnies are among the
cleverest) have uncovered evidence for the fleeting existence of the
Chi_b (3P) state, which is a quark combo of a beauty and anti-beauty.
Regular readers will be aware of my little fantasy that the universe
will one day be shown to be a (big) meshwork of interconnected nodes,
so I'm going to have to have a look and see if these new results give
any further credence to such a concept, or if they make my Nobel
dreams recede even further (as seems fairly likely, I have to admit).

Perhaps anyone better acquainted with the physics can enlighten me?


  1. Can't help with the physics, but for the love of pi, steer clear of illeism unless you want forever to be regarded as a preening, pretentious narcissist.

  2. Shanemuk notes Grokes's concern and will studiously avoid this illeism abomination in all circumstances. :-)

  3. Grokes is grateful for that :)