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17 June 2012

Nigel the Lamarck Fish

The only way is up. Baby.
I just realised my Lamarck Fish - Nigel - hasn't ever had a post of its own on the blog. That is now rectified.

A brief history - back in 2007, Inkling Magazine ran a wee competition to find a new "Darwin Fish" emblem, and this was my entry. Designed entirely by mouse on MSPaint (you can hardly tell, can you?), it didn't win - curse you, PZ Myers! - but it did get an honourable mention on the New Scientist Short Sharp Science blog.

And then someone seems to have adapted it for CafePress... I still think my version is better. (Note: I don't know whether the CafePress version is a descendant, or an example of convergent evolution - can happen! I don't endorse it though - Nigel has no legs - that's part of the point!).

Anyway, I'll get to work putting out a massive merchandising line, based on the adventures of Nigel the Lamarck Fish, and let you all know how that turns out.

I think Nigel has certain Van Goghian qualities, don't you think?


  1. Coming soon to the rear-end of cars everywhere! Might tart up the graphics a bit - Nigel deserves it.