21 August 2012

Tiocfaidh ar Lab! For Science and For Ulster.

Mark Henderson has a vision. That vision is that science and, importantly, the scientific attitude have been neglected in our politics and in society for far too long. Sure, we've made some astonishing advances, but you'd hardly think so when you look at the Members of our Legislative Assembly up in Stormont, or in the political classes across the wider UK & Ireland. Politics is jammed full of humanities graduates who just don't understand the soul of the "geek" or the benefit that can be brought to society if those of us who care about science and skepticism (with a k) get working on proper solutions to the problems of our age.

I've set up a pledge to put a copy of Mark's book "The Geek Manifesto" on the desk of each MLA at Stormont, and I want YOU to help. Look, I even made you a video:

My aim is to ensure that our Assembly is aware that science cannot be sidelined or marginalised or fobbed off with the sort of nonsense we recently encountered from some in relation to the Giant's Causeway, the Ulster Museum or other aspects of our scientific heritage. We, the geeks of Northern Ireland, will rise up to protect our good name as one of the countries in the world with the greatest output of top scientists, from Lord Kelvin in the Victorian era to Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell in our own.

So please have a look at the Pledge, sign it, and join the revolution. This is above politics, it is above the narrow tribalism of our "sectarian divide". Science unites people and drives us forward - not many activities are as positive as that. Furthermore, the potential economic benefits are enormous.

Geek the vote!

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