10 February 2013

My Scientific Valentine

On the amorous emotional state projected towards a beloved by an ardent admirer.
U. R. Mydestiny (1)

(1) Department of Lurve, University of Ichliebedich.

Background: Several authors have commented on the observation that blossoms of the common rose (Rosea berberifolia) are frequently perceived in hues towards the red end of the visual spectrum, whereas those of the violet (Viola spp.) tend towards the blue end. Although this in and of itself does not at first sight appear to have consequences for romantic interactions between members of the species Homo sapiens, an association has often been assumed.
Objective: To explore the relationship between the perceived colours of these blossoms and the depth of desire of a mystery lover for the recipient of a small decorated folded piece of card.
Methods: All available geographical obstacles and challenges were met - mountains were climbed, seas were swum, valleys were walked. Furthermore, fires were crossed, wild beasts faced, and songs and poems were listened to as well as composed.
Conclusion: The honourable and fervent erotic desire of the author for the intended recipient of the cellulose-based missive is asserted, and preliminary data appear to confirm this view. However, further research, focusing on physical proximity and close interactional analysis is urgently required.