31 December 2013

More Genetic Ancestry Fun

I reanalysed my 23andMe data using the Dodecad algorithm, this time with the latest Globe13 parameters, and here's what came up:

                            (n=17)    (n=12)
  0.09%  Siberian            0        0
  0.56%  Amerindian          0.4      0.1
  0.00%  West_African        0        0
  0.00%  Palaeo_African      0        0
  2.32%  Southwest_Asian     0        0.5
  0.00%  East_Asian          0        0
 33.12%  Mediterranean       33.7     34.8
  1.00%  Australasian        0        0.3
  0.37%  Arctic              0        0.2
  8.77%  West_Asian          6.2      5.7
 52.50%  North_European      59.1     57.8
  1.27%  South_Asian         0.6      0.7
  0.00%  East_African        0        0

So the column on the far left is my personal output against the notional "population of origin" of bits of my genome (if that makes sense - please attach a pinch of salt to all this; especially the Amerindian bit - can't see that happening, but you never know!). The other columns represent an average of 17 Irish individuals and 12 British (by "ethnicity").

It's difficult to know how much significance to attach to the variations between mine and the average - you can see that if you pool my "Asian" component, you get 12.36, which is a good bit higher than the Irish average (6.8) and the British (6.9), and most of that is at the expense of my "Northern European" component. What are the error bars around this? Is this telling us anything interesting?

In fairness, it probably isn't. Genes are remarkably fluid, and this sort of analysis can really only give us a rough guide. Still, it's fun, and every now and again it may reveal something important... you never know.

30 December 2013

My Genotype Results: Mostly Harmless

So I put my DNA in to 23andMe before the FDA curtain came down. Here is my ancestry, computed through Dodecad software:

  9.27%  East_European      
 53.29%  West_European      
 25.92%  Mediterranean      
  0.00%  Neo_African        
  7.80%  West_Asian         
  1.91%  South_Asian        
  0.24%  Northeast_Asian    
  0.44%  Southeast_Asian    
  0.00%  East_African       
  1.00%  Southwest_Asian    
  0.01%  Northwest_African  
  0.10%  Palaeo_African     

I guess that makes sense for an Irish boy. It turns out that I'm also Y chromosome haplotype R1b1b2a1a2f2, which lodges me firmly in the common Northern Irish gene pool. My mitochondrial haplotype is H, which links me (apparently) to Napoleon Bonaparte, Susan Sarandon, Luke the Evangelist, and about 50% of Europe. So I'm not terribly special. Which is not necessarily a bad thing!