05 February 2016

Biking the Galilee

Let's do that again!

Legs legs legs.
More details will come in due course, but I am going to be cycling in the Galilee in November 2016 to raise money for the Paediatric Ward at Nazareth Hospital. This shot is from my previous cycle ride in Jordan and Israel back in 2009. That now seems like such a long time ago, but (as I am massacring my 40s like George RR Martin) it only seems like yesterday.

This time the focus of the fund raising is very clear - the Paediatric Ward in the hospital needs some serious redevelopment. This hospital cares for much of Northern Israel, particularly the very large Christian and Muslim populations who live in and around Nazareth itself.

I spent a couple of months as a medical student working in Nazareth and travelling around Israel, and I really fell in love with this crazy, gritty, intense town. This is where you'll find the best food in Israel (sorry, Tel Aviv), the best music, the most interesting people. This is Arab Israel at its best, but also where we in the West can have the most positive effect.

The hospital founded in 1861 by Dr Pacradooni Kaloost Vartan has been delivering care to the Galilee region for over 150 years - the oldest extant hospital in Israel (and possibly the Middle East).

So if you want to support what we're doing, please come on over to my fund raising page: https://my.give.net/shanemckee - please also share the link, and keep coming back to see how we're getting on! (Yes, I will be dropping a bit of scandal as we go on).

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