17 April 2016

The Future of Medicine

If we are to drive progress in medicine, perhaps we need to think about the distant(ish) future. If we make our projections too near-term, we allow ourselves to get shackled to the status quo, and dream too small. So, what will medicine look like in 2050? That's far enough away that we don't have to worry about how we get there, yet it's close enough that many of us will either still be practising, or may be the recipients of that healthcare.

So go ahead - in the comments below, DREAM BIG! Tell me some stories (science fiction perhaps) about what medicine in 2050 might hold. And you never know - we might even be able to deliver some of them much sooner than that...


  1. OK, I'm going to kick this off. In 2050 I'm an old man with a heart complaint. I need to see my doctor, so I arrange an appointment on my watch. This has also been recording my ECG and syncing the data with my EHR. Ping! In comes the appointment and instructions, all synced up with my calendar. My robot-driven UberAmbulance is waiting to take me to the hospital, and the sensors check me over on the way. At the appointment, my doctor asks me some questions and the EHR intelligently takes the data from my replies and prompts the doc with more questions. She doesn't have to touch a keyboard or screen, but it all pops up. The system creates a story out of this that is effectively a narrative of my condition; she asks if I agree with this. I make a few suggestions, and the system updates the story. It flags up my record as "cantankerous old git" - clearly the artificial intelligence agent is very perceptive. 2050? Sure we could do that now if we wanted!

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