We're doing it again! This time we are biking from Petra in Jordan up to Nazareth in Israel, to raise money for the Nazareth Hospital CT Scanner appeal. Last year we raised over £50,000 for the Children's Unit! Nazareth is the largest Arab town in Israel; the people are lovely, and the kids are awesome. Nazareth also treats kids in the West Bank of Palestine who have very limited access to healthcare. They need your help! Go to my sponsorship page to find out more and see what you can do! Maybe even join us..?

19 July 2017

Bike ride postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Petra-to-Nazareth bike ride has had to be postponed until next year - probably March 2018. On the downside, this means it's longer until we can hit the trails; on the upside, this gives us longer to raise more money for the Dialysis Unit in Nazareth, AND it means we get to see Jordan and Israel in the Spring, when both are at their most lovely. Oh, and it gives YOU more time to get yourself organised to come and join us!

We really hope you will consider donating to the cause or coming on the ride - the Nazareth Trust will be extending the Dialysis Unit and carrying out urgent repairs on the old Doctors' House, which is where many of the Serve Nazareth volunteers stay while at the hospital. The volunteers are an important part of the social fabric of the hospital, helping to run the Nazareth Village (which in turn contributes to the running of the hospital), and themselves carrying out maintenance work and other tasks on-site, which means the hospital can offer more services to the people of Nazareth. More updates on http://justgiving.com/shanenaz. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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